9 Coffee Storage Tips [It Has Its Rules!]

A big selection of coffees from different parts of the world and at different prices are at our reach nowadays. We can enjoy a perfect coffee at our favorite coffee place, but thanks to various devices and our skills at home as well. One way or another, coffee preparation is an entire alchemy.

Coffee Storage Tips

Many coffee people know that the right selection and preparation are not enough. The correct storage of your coffee is equally important if you want to enjoy your favorite daily cup of coffee. Its aroma and taste are surely qualities that will make a day for a coffee buff. Am I right? 🙂

What not to do and where store your coffee? Here are some tips.

1. Careful with the sun

Coffee is flourishing under sunshine at plantations, but not in your kitchen. What coffee needs is a dry, ideally dark place. A pantry or cabinet is, therefore, a good choice.

Avoid cabinets which include aromatic food, such as spices.

The most important thing is to keep it off places with direct sunshine. Piercing light is, in fact, damaging to coffee in interiors and its freshness and taste can thus quickly vanish.

2. Pay attention to heat

The sun is also emitting heat, apart from sunshine, which is another disaster for coffee. Be aware of this, especially during the summertime. Tens of minutes at direct sunlight in high temperatures are enough for the coffee to be thrown away. That’s why it’s not recommended to have your coffee right next to your coffee machine. Coffee machines can easily overheat.

3. Air damages as well

We have covered the storage place, but where should we put the coffee itself?

Did you know that even a little air leakage can quickly destroy coffee?

Oxygen itself is its enemy, to be more precise. The key is then to have a well-sealed airtight container. There are some appropriate alternatives, such as jars or tins with a rubber top or lid. Dark and glass containers are helpful as well. Coffee bags are acceptable too. However, you need to seal them carefully, for example with kitchenware, once opened.

4. Special coffee container for coffee storage

If you are a more demanding coffee enthusiast, you may also consider special containers for coffee storage, which are a great choice as well. In comparison to typical jars, these containers can push out the excess air. The price on the Internet starts at around $30. Even though the price is higher, they are worth considering. In addition, they make a great gift. I’m sure that every coffee person would be thrilled to have a tool to prolong the “life” of his/her favorite coffee.

5. Size matters

Less is sometimes more. This goes for coffee containers too. It’s important to choose a container that isn’t too big. As mentioned before, air damages coffee. There are 250g or 500g jars available for coffee storage. That’s why even if coffee is your number one fuel, rather choose several smaller jars.

Fresh Coffee Beans

6. Avoid the fridge, if you can

It’s true that a fridge checks out in terms of darkness, but on the other hand, temperatures close to zero are not an ideal choice for coffee. That’s the reason why a freezer isn’t an appropriate storage place for your coffee either.

Moreover, the enemy called humidity is present too and these white goods encourage its production. So, as pointed out before, a dark place with a well-sealed container is enough. Coffee is also generally known for absorbing smells and one day you could be surprised by the unpleasant taste of onions, meat, etc. in your beverage.

7. Green coffee

The storage of raw green coffee beans isn’t still that common in households. However, if you are one of the exceptions, there is a very easy solution. Select a dry dark place at room temperature and an airtight container.

8. Brown beans and coffee storage

Most consumers prefer buying pre-roasted coffee. Originally green beans change into brown ones together with their specific aroma. Storage, in this case, isn’t difficult either. An airtight container, jar, or tin placed in a dark place, ideally a pantry or cabinet.

9. What about ground coffee?

The aroma of a freshly ground coffee is a soul medicine for every coffee enthusiast. So, it’s no secret that the best option is to grind your own coffee if you have the opportunity. However, in case you prefer buying ground coffee, it might be better to look for a smaller package, because once you open it, the process of “aging” slowly starts.

The coffee’s aroma and taste are released while grinding and from that moment on these gradually fade away and the product quickly loses its freshness. It’s equally important to consume it as soon as possible. It’s recommended to finish it in one, maximum 2 weeks, given it is stored properly.

Therefore, it’s better to pour the coffee from an opened bag into a well-sealed container. The previously mentioned special coffee containers are a solid option as well.

Coffee Storage

Coffee is popular all around the world and more than 70 countries are currently growing it. Water, humidity, sunshine and appropriate temperatures are the basics without which it’s impossible to grow good coffee. Nevertheless, once the coffee tree’s fruits leave plantations and head towards us, ideal storage conditions to save the characteristic coffee taste must change.

Light is replaced by darkness, humidity changes and becomes a dry place at room temperature. Coffee from big sacks is poured into smaller containers and then to coffee machines. We get out our favorite coffee grinder from the shelf or cabinet.

Are you using a French press or chemex to prepare yourself an espresso/ristretto? Everyone likes something else, everyone will choose the way that suits them the most. Thanks to caffeine we are woken up in the morning, encouraged and provided with energy for the entire day. No wonder more and more people are becoming coffee buffs. Its taste is truly remarkable and for coffee enthusiasts irreplaceable.

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