6 Coffee Brewing Methods To Make The Most Delicious Coffee

For coffee lovers, drinking coffee is more than just a hobby. Sometimes, it is an obsession to find the best taste of different blends.

Sure, you can buy some packs of instant coffee and make your own cup of coffee in just 1 minute. But, the feeling that you get when you taste your own coffee blend is always the best. Even more so when you share the taste of your best coffee creations with your loved ones.

Brewing your own coffee can be done in different ways, and there are unlimited tastes that you can make when you brew your own coffee. Although it might require a bit of an investment to buy the brewing machines or makers and the actual coffee beans or grounds, the brewing activity itself can be quite enjoyable and amusing. Moreover, it gives your own taste of elegance and perfection.

Here are the 6 coffee brewing methods to make the most delicious coffee for every occasion:

1. Automatic Drip

This is one of the most popular brewing methods that many people follow due to its convenience and easy process. It is an automatic or semi-automatic machine that you can adjust according to your preferences. You can set grinding and the brewing time with the machine and let it do all the brewing processes automatically.

You can even schedule it so that you can enjoy your coffee at any time you want.

Automatic Drip

Depending on the machine that you use, you can change the preferences of the coffee that you will drink later. It uses the filters that can prevent the rise of LDL cholesterol when you consume the coffee that is brewed with the automatic drip machine. The benefit of this method is that you can make your coffee conveniently and the process can be done without hassles.

2. Moka Pot

Brewing the best espresso can be done easily at home using the right equipment for making espresso coffee, such as Moka Pot. This is the pot that is relatively inexpensive to purchase, and it is used to make espresso by simply using it as a kettle in your brewing process. With this pot, you can easily make an espresso coffee with a rich and robust flavor for you to enjoy.

For you to do this brewing method, you simply put the ground coffee beans inside the Moka Pot and pour the hot boiling water into it. Then, you can wait for the espresso drink to be ready. Since this pot is made of aluminum, you can keep the coffee warm for quite a long time if you keep it inside the pot.

3. Aero Press

Aero Press is a simple yet very quick coffee brewing process that is mostly preferred by people who are traveling. If you want to travel and bring your coffee with you, carrying an aero press coffeemaker is a good way to go.

As the name suggests, the aero press method is the brewing method that uses the power of the air, or more accurately, air pressure.

If you want to use this brewing method during your travel, you simply need to pour the ground coffee beans and hot water into the Aero Press, and then push it with enough pressure. It can be done in less than one minute, and you can enjoy your coffee immediately.

4. Cold Brew

While most coffee drinks are brewed with hot water, there is a brewing technique that uses cold water to produce a sweeter and cold coffee drink. The cold brew requires quite a lot of time to prepare, which can take around 24 full hours for you to prepare the cold-brewed coffee.

However, if you love to enjoy your coffee with ice, as well as get the sweeter taste for your drink, this is a good method for you to try.

The cold brew requires you to prepare the coffee bean grounds that are stored in the refrigerator. You need to store the grounds along with cold water in a glass jar and then cover the glass with a filter before you store it in the refrigerator for around 12 hours. After that, you can separate the grounds from the drink and enjoy your coffee with ice.

5. French Press

The French Press method, in short, is a very simple brewing method that you can do manually. Since it doesn’t use any paper filters, the coffee that you get from this method will also have a richer flavor. You just need to have a French Press, ground coffee beans, hot water and you are good to go.

French Press

The steps that are required to make your own coffee using this method are simple. You simply put the ground coffee beans in the French Press and then pour it with boiled hot water. Then, you simply need to press the machine and your drink will be ready soon after.

6. Percolator

This is an old-school brewing method that uses a kettle-like coffeemaker called the percolator, in which you will brew your coffee inside this percolator and boil it. The method to use this old-school technique is simple. You simply put the coffee grounds inside the percolator and then pour some water on it depending on your needs. After that, boil the water using a medium fire and let the coffee brew under the heat.

Once brewed, you can apply the filter to remove the grounds from the coffee drink so that you can serve a clean cup of coffee. Since the percolator is efficient in keeping the water warm, you don’t need to warm the coffee every time you want to serve it. By using this coffeemaker, you can also serve the coffee for up to 10 cups with a single brewing.

So, it is ideal for making coffee on the occasions when lots of people will drink it, such as in a family gathering, company meeting, and the like.

Let me know what is your preferred coffee brewing method in comments down below.

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