Medical Benefits of Carriers for Babies [Study]

Lately, you have probably came across more and more mothers who aren’t strolling down the street, but have their baby in a carrier. This means of transportation is very practical for mothers and, at the same time, comfortable for babies as well.

These, however, are not the only reasons why mothers prefer carriers to strollers. Baby carriers provide many health benefits for your baby and I am going to take a look at them in this article.

Carried babies are happier

Happy BabyEvery baby cries. Some cry more, some less. The older the baby gets the less it cries. The most frequent criers are babies up to 6 weeks and on the other hand, after the 4th month the cry frequency should slowly decrease.

If you are one of those parents who experience several hours of your baby’s cry on a daily basis, I am sure that you have tried everything to calm it down. I am convinced that you have tried one of the best tools – carrying. In 1986 a study was conducted and found out that carried babies cry 51% less than not-carried babies in the 4 PM to midnight period.

Every parent knows that carrying a baby for 4 hours is no walk in the park. By using a baby carrier, you can grant your baby several hours of carrying and have a more relaxed evening.

The benefit of regular carrying is also the fact that it diminishes the chances of colic development, which is a big terror for parents.

Carrying improves baby’s physical development

Little babies grow fast. Very fast.

We, as parents, can influence their physical development by carrying. Regular walks with your baby in the carrier train the spine which is in its natural position.

I know that some of you might object. You see a twisted baby in a carrier and say to yourself: “What is natural about this position?” Believe it or not, it is natural. I will counter your doubts with a simple question. “What was your baby’s position in your womb during the 9 months of pregnancy?” While carrying your baby in a carrier you stimulate its position from the womb, which, from the early age, is the most natural position.

It is therefore no coincidence that carried babies are stronger, hold balance better and most importantly, don’t have problems with scoliosis and hip joint development.

Carrying improves baby’s psychological development

Carried babies experience the world to a larger extend in comparison to babies who are in a stroller.

Babies in strollers see only their mother, whereas babies in carriers can explore the world around them. During a baby carrier walk, the baby perceives everything it sees and hears which has an enormous impact on its neurological development. Since babies come into contact with strangers while carried, they are building a stronger psychological and social strength.

Baby Carrier Medical BenefitsCarried babies have higher self-confidence, creativity and ability to integrate in society. A good pediatrician can, based on one encounter with a baby, determine whether it was being carried during the first year or not. I am sure that all of you would like your baby to have these qualities.


Sleep is the second most important thing, after food, during a baby’s first months. Proper development requires rest, that is why babies are asleep most of the day. If you have a baby who doesn’t fall asleep that easily, I am sure baby carrier will work.

Most babies calm down and fall asleep after few minutes once they are placed in the carrier. As I have already mentioned, it’s mainly because the carrier simulates a mother’s womb which was the baby’s home for 9 months. The baby is relaxed in this position. Besides, it feels the mother’s fragrance, hears her heartbeat, which are the other factors that have a significant influence on calming it down.

And believe me, each one of you wants your baby relaxed, because this state then translated into the way your baby eats during the day. I know, from my own experience, that there is nothing  worse than a grumpy offspring who doesn’t want to eat or sleep. Carrying should minimize all such problems.

Carrying strengthens the mother-baby bond

While carrying, you and your baby become one.

Your baby is perceiving you by all its senses and this will reflect on your relationship later on. Carrying your baby deepens the bond between you two. And I didn’t come up with this, it’s a fact confirmed by a research.

During this research, mothers with babies were divided into two groups. One group got a carrier to carry their baby and the second group was supposed to place their babies into baby seats or swings. The results of this study confirmed the fact that babies carried in baby carriers had a much stronger bond with their mothers, and these mothers had an overall better control over their babies.

Mother-Baby Bond

When you think about it, it’s completely logical. The closer you are to your baby, the less a stranger you become. Every stroke and smile counts. Mothers who keep their babies at a distance must be aware that their offspring will not create a similarly close relationship to them.

Disadvantages of Baby Carriers

To even the balance a little bit, I will also mention some disadvantages of baby carriers:

  • Rain and Cold – you can hardly use baby carriers when it rains or is cold outside. It’s of course possible, but in this weather, I prefer to use a stroller. It’s more comfortable and safer for the health of your baby.
  • Heath – it is also very unpractical during hot summer days. Your baby is being heated by not only the sun, but you as well, since your bodies are so close to each other. This is not only uncomfortable for both of you, but can easily overheat the baby which is always dangerous.
  • Financial aspect – not everyone can afford a baby carrier. Even though it’s a very helpful thing to have, you need to realize that you will be using it only until the 1st year of your baby’s life, before purchasing it.
Baby carriers bring a lot of health benefits for your baby. No doubt about it. If you feel like I have forgotten something, feel free to write into the comments. I am looking forward to every opinion.

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