About Us

When you are shopping online, there is a big chance you will buy something that doesn’t fulfill your expectations. If you can’t see a product in person and try it, it is tough to make a good purchase. Therefore we decided to create this site where we compare 9 best products from different areas in detailed reviews.

Our goal is to help you make the best possible purchase.

How we do it

Each of the products on our site is personally tested by us. We do not make the reviews about things that we can’t touch it. My husband as a right guy write technical reviews about gadgets for home and garden, and I like to write about stuff for babies, motherhood, and household. We write articles only about the products that we had to buy in our household or for our kids and that we could test for some period of time. Our mission is to prevent you from mistakes that we made by purchasing the wrong product.


About Us

Each of our reviews is structured the same. The reviews contain detailed information about the product, including pros and cons and comparison tables. These tables are an excellent tool for simple comparison of all 9 products. At the end of each article is buyers guide. This section will help you by choosing the right product and make the best possible purchase.

Are you asking me why 9 products? Number 9 is our lucky number. We met with husband the ninth; we got married the ninth, our child was born the ninth. This number brings us luck, and I believe that it will bring you too.