6 Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier

Baby carriers have been popular during the last couple of years, but have you ever wondered why? There are several aspects that are influenced by the use of baby carriers and now we are going to explore some of them.

Baby Carrier

1. Comfortable and longer breastfeeding

A study conducted in the US divided 200 mothers from whom some got to use a baby carrier and some didn’t, all in the name of science and this product’s effect on breastfeeding. This 5-month research showed that mothers who used the baby carrier at least 1 hour per day during the first 30 days of their baby’s life experienced a different outcome.

The results have shown that breastfeeding increased by babies carried in the baby carrier. There were some significant differences, mainly 72% vs 51% by 2-month old and 48% vs 24% by 5-month old babies.

The study thus suggested that the usage of baby carries has a beneficial influence on infants and prolongs their breastfeeding period. This is only one of the reasons why use baby carriers and there are many more.

2. Cry reduction

Baby CryingAnother remarkably important feature which carriers have is the ability to calm down babies. Some of you might think that there is nothing special to this task, but believe me, once you have your own little precious, you will understand.

There might be several reasons a baby is crying, but when you eliminate all the obvious ones, such as hunger, diapers and discomfort, you come to the conclusion that the baby just needs your attention and care, and baby carriers are the ideal tool how to achieve this comfortably.

Some babies can cry up to 3 hours a day and on a regular basis which suggests that they are extremely sensitive to environment changes and overreact to such changes in a bigger, louder fashion.

Generally speaking, the longer you cannot calm the baby down, the harder it gets for you to try again, therefore, it is super important to have an effective techniqueat hand. There are numerous, but we will discuss only a few of them.

Burrito style

Wrap your baby as a burrito, it’s simple as that and pretty self-explanatory. Take a blanket and make a burrito cover which will keep your infant secure cozy and warm. However, you should pay special attention to legs. Do not wrap them too tightly because a long time in such a position may cause health issues, mainly in the hip area. A loose fashion is a better way to keep the baby relaxed.

Put your baby on

The more you carry your baby the less it cries. This theory has been proven time after time. This is mainly due to the fact, that while carrying your baby you give it all the calming factors it needs –warmth, movement, the sound of the parent’s heartbeat and breath and the contact with the parent itself.

In addition, you provide all this hands-free, so you are basically multitasking. Nevertheless, you must be absolutely sure that you don’t cover the baby’s mouth or nose, so it can breathe freely.

Create a continuous monotonous noise

This is yet another tactic which can be used to stop the cry of a baby. Try to create a continuous monotonous noise of low intensity which will isolate your baby from all disturbing outside elements.

I should emphasize low here, that way you don’t hurt your baby’s hearing abilities. This includes switching on the faucet, vacuum cleaner, shower, hairdryer or fan.

3. Colic treatment

As mentioned before, some babies tend to cry for several hours and during several days of the week. If this is the case with your baby, it is possible that it suffers from colic.

However, not all big criers must have these issues. Scientist are still not 100% sure about the origin of colic, some say that it is closely connected to the bowl processes, others that it is caused by the overwhelming amount of sensory information that the newborn system has to cope with. There are several circumstances which apply only to colic and thanks to them you can differentiate, for example:

  • It is characteristic for newborns and during the first five months.
  • It repeats quite frequently, often in the afternoon, and with similar intensities.
  • It lasts from 1-3 hours.
  • Apart from the before mentioned particular part of the day, the baby seems to be happy and does not experience any issues.

There are quite many tips and tricks which can help you solve this situation, but you must remember that every baby has its own personality and is unique. Therefore, feel free to try these, but also keep an eye on your precious if it actually has any effect on them.

Baby carriers are a great tool which can solve this colic situation for you almost effortlessly. The carrier has the baby locked in a stable position close to the parent which simulates the closeness of the womb. Plus, you can also move with him/her which will work as a portable and mobile crib.

Walks and Baby feeding

You can also add some gentle hips and hops and some rocking movements to mix it up a little bit. Long walks in the nature represent a solution as well and for this purpose baby carriers are very useful and carefree. Fresh air and a natural environment can only help. Breastfeeding can help as well.

Try this alternative as well, since the phenomenon itself not only feeds, but also calms the baby down and relaxes it. You should also try to stay off products which could lead to gassiness. Among these you can find dairy products, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, onions and eggplant, just to name a few.

Another type of feeding can be bottled feeding. In this case try different mixtures and products, with the consent of your doctor, try different nipples and above all try preventing any presence of air in your baby’s meal. Plus, you can also hold the baby in a more upright position, before, during and after feeding. The environment in which you feed is also very important.

Bottle feeding baby

Try to isolate yourself from loud and noisy places and create and maintain a meditative and calm atmosphere.

4. Strengthening the bond

The bond between the baby and its parents is the one which will last throughout the entire life. It is therefore, important to work and cherish this bond from the very start.

Many studies and experiences have shown that there are certain ways a newborn baby forms a relationship with people around. The first and probably most often used is touch. Touching becomes the first means of discovery and exploration for a baby through which it experiencesthe world. The skin to skin contact has undoubted positive effects which contribute to your baby’s health and growth.

Having your baby as close as possible is a key factor even from the first days of its early life. Another means of communication is represented by eye contact, for which the baby has to be at close range with the parent. Practically all of these bonding techniques require the baby to be intimately close and facial expression are no exception. Your baby can, from a very early age, start to imitate your facial expressions and behavior. On the plus side, it is often some funny activity and goofy faces which make our little angels laugh out loud.

Last but not least, a mother’s or father’s voice has an incredibly soothing effect on the baby’s psychological development an overall mood.

5. The right carrier can change and improve joint development

From a health point of view, the way you hold your baby is essential to the development of the hip area and joints. One of the best solutions is the baby carrier because the baby is in a natural position and isn’t held by anyone, it’s gravity doing its magic.

In general, it is recommended that hips and knees are bent. This position simulates the state in which the baby spent a lot of time in the womb and is also beneficial for the motoric development. Legs should move freely and have a certain degree of flexibility in the carrier. Remember, the right so called frog position can prevent hip dysplasia and dislocation.

6. You can literally go anywhere with Baby Carrier

The first couple of days the mother is usually at home with the baby. She needs to make sure that everything is alright, and the baby is safe. After a couple of weeks, the first trips to the open world begin. However, a newborn is still vulnerable and cannot walk by itself and a baby carrier is, therefore, the ideal solution to introduce your baby to the outside world and nature.

It’s always good to start from an early age. On the other hand, when you live in the suburbs or in downtown the sidewalks can often be in a questionable state and can be difficult to overcome with a stroller, using a baby carrier gives you freedom and closeness to your baby, so you can enjoy the walks as  well. These are only a few of the advantages a baby carrier possesses.

If you have any more questions, feel free and put them into the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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