6 Healthy Foods For Babies In Their First And Second Year

Having babies that are still in their early years requires parents to spend more time and attention to take care of their basic needs.

You need to ensure that your babies are healthy by giving them the special care until they are old enough to walk for themselves and do things for themselves. If you still have babies in their 1-2 years, the foods that you give to them will affect their overall growth and development in later years.

So, as parents, you have to pay the most attention to the foods for your babies.

The foods that you give for your babies that are still 1-2 years old are not the same as the foods that you will give to them later when they are in the early childhood. Some foods are very important for the development of their physical body and mental capacity, and you should be very selective.

Here are 6 healthy foods for babies in their first and second year

1. Varieties Of Fruits

The key to providing the best foods for your baby lies in the variety of foods that you give to them. You need to give the complete nutrition to your baby by feeding them with the variety of foods that can help them grow. There are lots of fruits that are good for your 1-2 years old baby, and these fruits can provide the good source of nutrition for their growth.

For instance, blackberries can provide the high amount of vitamin E needed to protect their arteries and heart, as well as give good nutrition for their skin. Raspberries can also give nutrition for your babies that can protect against cancerous diseases. As a good source of vitamin C, you can give your babies various berry fruits and citrus, which can also help your babies to absorb important minerals better, such as iron.

2. Varieties Of Vegetables

While providing your babies with the varieties of fruits and vegetables, make sure that you observe the allergic reaction that might be experienced by your babies. Don’t give the foods that you know your babies are allergic to.

Varieties of Vegetables

There are also a lot of vegetables that you can give to your babies in order to provide them with the best vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious values that help the development of their physical body.

Carrots can give your babies with a good source of vitamin A, which can improve their vision.

Tomatoes are also good for them as antioxidants that can prevent any free radicals from developing dangerous diseases.

Green vegetables are generally good for 1-2 years old babies to keep them healthy.

3. Meats

While you might still need to provide breast milk or bottle-feed your baby with formula from time to time, the babies that have reached 1-2 years old can start consuming solid meals, such as meats.

Meats are a good source of calcium, fat, and iron. Your babies can grow better when you feed them with good meat regularly.

Red meats are good for your children as a good source of iron, which is needed for the growth of the body. Thus, it is recommended to be included in your baby’s meals around 2-3 times per week. However, don’t feed your children too much red meats as it will only give more fats to them.

Chicken is also good, and you should feed it to your babies without the skin. Chicken meat can provide a good source of iron as well, with less fat for your children.

4. Herbs

From time to time, you should also give your baby some herbs to help protect them against various diseases. It helps boost their immune system because it has various medicinal benefits.

Since babies are prone to catch common diseases like cold, flu, fever, and the like, herbs can help to prevent such diseases from entering their body. It can also help them to fight the diseases and boost the recovery process.

The examples of good herbs are thyme and parsley, which are known to deal with sore throats and bad breath in your babies. They can also keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the cold day.

5. Fish

Fish is the food that mostly contains Omega-3, which is good for the development of the brain. It has been proven through research that fish can help to increase your baby’s intelligence because it helps to develop the brain.

It can also help to increase your child’s immune system and protect them against free radicals. On top of that, there are lots of minerals contained in the fish that are needed for the growth and development of your babies.

Fish Food

The good fish to give to your children include salmon and white fish, as they provide the best nutrients for your baby’s growth. The essential fats in salmon can help to develop the brain and prevent any brain-related diseases.

6. Rice And Dairy Products

The 1-2 years old babies can be given rice and various dairy products as a source of energy for their activity on the daily basis.

The best rice that you can give to your children is the brown rice. This is because the brown rice contains various types of nutrition, especially proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Also, it gives a steady source of energy for your babies as it is slowly absorbed into their body. White rice is not recommended because lots of the nutritious values have been lost during its preparation.

Some dairy products that are good for your children include yogurt and cheese. These are the recommended dairy products that you can give to your babies on a daily basis. Of course, milk is also a good source of minerals and calcium for your children.

These dairy products can help your children to develop strong and healthy teeth and bones. Also, they contained a good amount of carbohydrates and saturated fat, which are good for your children to keep them active during the day. They keep a healthy energy level for your babies so that they can learn and play during the day without feeling exhausted too easily.

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